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What do I do with my children?
Our Grass Roots ministry offers classes for babies through 5th grade on Sunday mornings during our worship service. We provide a secure location, all workers have completed background checks and the games and teaching are age appropriate. Your kids will love it!
How should I dress?
However you want, just don’t come naked.
What version of the Bible do you use?
Primarily the English Standard Version (ESV).
What is your style of music?
We use a live band on Sunday mornings with a mixture of music. We use a lot of new music and really enjoy rearranging some of the older hymns. Our goal is to not be a show, but to turn hearts toward Jesus.
How do I join the church?
The Bible often refers to the church as a body. For a body to be healthy, it needs to be connected. For deeper connection at CrossPointe, you need to have a connection with Jesus (salvation), be baptized by immersion after salvation, and attend our membership class. This is a basic class we teach regularly. It communicates our vision, goals and expectations.