Our Creative Arts Ministry
Humility is our effort to behold God’s goodness, prioritized above our own accomplishments and trials. As a team we share God-sightings before every service. We assume that if we brag about God, the devil has to leave. We also lay down every distracting issue from our busy lives for a time to make sure we are fully engaged in declaring our love for God.

We’ve all been dishonored in life. It’s part of the sin problem of this world. As worshipers we attempt to let go of our dishonors in view of the honor Jesus gave us by getting up on the cross and honoring us, saying that we are worthy of His blood. Hopefully when we accomplish this with God’s grace we will only see, like Stephen being stoned, Jesus standing at the right hand of God.

As Worship artists we will see how much we can use to glorify God. There may be artistic uses of lights or sounds or video clips. We give God back a moment of the talents He’s given us. All of this can be a distraction or interpreted as a show if not viewed with the goal of giving God as much of who He made us to be, shining as a testimony of His glory and grace. In the end it’s Jesus that we should be left with. Hopefully instead of saying how good the music or message was we’ll say how much Jesus touched us during a Worship service.

All of this is summarized in our motto: Humility honors Jesus.