We purposefully don’t have a lot of programs to attend but we do have lots of communities to engage in. Here are a few:


  • Nursery
    For newborns to 2 years years of age
  • Children
    3-5 years old
    K-5th grade
  • Youth
    6th -12th grade

If you are interested in serving in our family ministries please contact Mandie Rhodenhizer.

Worship Arts

  • Worship Band
    Do you play drums, bass, guitar, keyboard?
  • Vocalists
    Can you bring strong harmonies and stage presence to the melody?
  • Sound
    Have you run a sound board before? Are you familiar with EQ techniques and the signal path of a mixing console?
  • Video
    Are you comfortable with computer operating systems, PowerPoint, video codecs, presentation flow?
  • Drama
    Do you think of the Bible messages as stories? Would you like to share themes of Christianity through visual presentations?
  • Graphics
    Do you doodle ideas? Can you visualize what people say in ways that start or continue a conversation/